Catarina A. R. Joao

IMG_3732Light adaptation in glaucoma

Catarina A.R. João (MSc Biomedical Technology – Instrumentation and Medical Signals)

PhD Candidate


Prof. Nomdo Jansonius (

Dr. Frans W. Cornelissen (


I am a Portuguese Biomedical Engineer with a Master in Biomedical Technology more specifically in Instrumentation and Medical Signals. I have three years of research experience on psychophysical measurement of visual perception, colour/night vision and the temporal and spatial properties of vision. I have been participated in several different projects but more recently my research has been focused on the influence of glaucoma on adaptation, by systematically addressing all the processes located in the retina using psychophysical experiments. As I have the ability to manage multiple projects at the same time, I have worked collaboratively with a number of other researchers in different countries. I have already contributed to a few of peer-reviewed publications whose you can find in the links below.