Birte Gestefelde

IMG_3729I did my Bachelor and Master studies in Cognitive Science at the University of Osnabrueck. During my studies I did an internship at the University of Vienna, where I worked on an automated Skinner box used for psychophysics experiments with pigeons, and an internship at Monash University Melbourne, where I analysed intracranial EEG data coming from a continuous flash suppression experiment with epilepsy patients. Apart from that, I participated in a study project conducting a study in the area of Psycholinguistics.
Fortunately, I found my way into visual neuroscience and into the EGRET project in particular, where I investigate how visual field defects in glaucoma patient affect their viewing behaviour. In particular how  differences in viewing behavior of healthy participants and glaucoma patients can be used to dignose visual field deficits.
The standard method for this diagnosis is a so-called perimetry test, where the test person is required to fixate a certain location over a long period of time. As this is very difficult for glaucoma patients, the aim of my PhD project is to develop a new method to diagnose visual field defects using eye tracking and virtual reality. Additionally, the eye tracker/VR device can be used to help with rehabilitation.